June 2017

Home transformation should give your space a new, better look, and it should also be fun. Sometimes we live in our homes for so long without altering a thing, that with time we become comfortable. However, we should always strive to make our spaces better and more satisfying to live in. The beauty of it all is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg while at it. Below we have a list of 5 easy tips on transforming your home;

  1. Renovations; surprisingly, almost each home owner has that space or item that needs to be renovated. From that broken glass on your window pane, or the damaged water faucet, the leaking ceiling, a cracked flower vase, and so on so forth. Renovating these will surely give your home a new, better look.
  2. Painting; you can also repaint your living rooms or kids bedrooms with brighter, livelier colors to inject a new feel.
  3. Reflective mirrors; mirrors have the ability to make a smaller room look bigger is well used. Place them strategically so that they don’t just reflect more light into the room, but also help reflect the background of the room.
  4. Decluttering; get rid of old clothes, utensils and other junk that you hardly use anymore in your home. This transforms your space and makes it neat with help from Interiors designers.
  5. Rugs; rugs can be used to soften the hard look of hardwood floors. Place the rugs strategically for instance at the entrance to the bathroom, on the hallway, and so on so forth.
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